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The Cliff Hotel & Spa recognises that social interaction on the internet is an important and integral part of society. However inappropriate use of social media can pose serious business and personal risks. 


  1. We require all guests to respect privacy and confidentiality.  Do not post any information, including photographs of The Cliff Hotel & Spa’s staff, guests, clients, business partners, suppliers, vendors or other stakeholders without their written permission or in breach of these terms and conditions
  2. You may not use The Cliff Hotel & Spa’s logos, brand names, slogans or other trademarks or post any confidential or proprietary information without prior written permission
  3. It is prohibited to use social media in any way that:

– breaches obligations of confidentiality towards The Cliff Hotel & Spa or to any third party or which causes The Cliff Hotel & Spa to breach duties of confidence owed to any third party

– breaches the right of any staff member or third party to privacy, data protection and confidentiality or which amounts to bullying or harassment

– is offensive, insulting, discriminatory or obscene or is likely to either directly or indirectly damage the reputation of The Cliff Hotel & Spa, its associated companies and staff.

– infringes the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity

– breaches or causes The Cliff Hotel & Spa to breach any law or the rules or guidelines of any regulatory authority relevant to the business

– breaches data protection rules

04. Individuals are personally responsible and may be legally liable for what they communicate on Social Media; personal accounts do not represent the views of The Cliff Hotel & Spa.