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All our hot tubs have appropriately treated water using chlorine at the safest levels as per health and safety guidelines. Our on-site maintenance team will continue to maintain diligent hygiene standards by regular water testing and taking actions if required. 

In order to maintain the hot tub, a member of our maintenance team will require access to your room between 11:00am and 3:00pm.   Should this not be convenient for you, please contact reception to arrange an alternative time.  

Should you encounter any issues during your stay, please dial 0 from the in-room telephone for assistance. 

Please carefully remove the cover before use and replace when not using to assist with preserving the water temperature.  This requires at least 2 people, please dial 0 from the in-room telephone for assistance. 

Please follow the operational instructions displayed on the hot tub. 

We ask that you abide strictly to our Hot Tub Guidelines to ensure the health and safety of yourself, other guests and our staff: 

  • No guest should exceed 15 minutes immersion at a time. 
  • Children under 5 years should not be permitted to use the hot tub. 
  • Any children aged 5 years and over using the hot tub must be accompanied by an adult. 
  • If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before use. 
  • If you suffer from any diseases of the heart or circulation, skin conditions, are immunosuppressed, experience fits, or are taking drugs that effect the cardiovascular or nervous system, please seek medical advice before using the hot tub.  
  • Guests should not use the hot tub if they have experienced diarrhoea within the last 14 days. 
  • Bathers must shower, and remove all fake tan products, sun tan lotion and skin creams before entering the hot tub, failure to do will result in a cleaning charge. 
  • Please do not add soaps or oils to the hot tub. 
  • Please be careful not to swallow water from the hot tub. 
  • Please do not use the hot tub following a heavy meal or while under the influence of alcohol or sedatives.  
  • No glass must be used in the vicinity of the hot tub and food/drink should not be consumed while using the hot tub. 
  • For personal safety reason, do not use the hot tub during high winds or extreme adverse weather. 
  • No jumping or diving in the hot tub.   
  • Dogs must not enter the hot tub under any circumstances. 
  • It is recommended not to sit around in a damp swimsuit/robe after using a hot tub and to shower immediately after getting out of the tub. 
  • Please do not use the hot tub after 11pm. 
  • Please do not sit or lie on the cover. 

We also ask that all guests consider their neighbours when using any outdoor area and do not play loud music or make excessive noise.  

Should misuse of the hot tub occur, it takes in excess of 24 hours to empty, refill and reheat the hot tub.  

Please consider this for your own use and for future guests. If misuse renders the hot tub out of commission, loss of revenue charges and any damage costs will be incurred. 

Repeated or serious misuse of the hot tub may result in the removal of this facility.