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All staff at The Cliff Hotel & Spa recognise and accept that the activities involved in running the business necessarily impinge upon the environment. Every effort will be made to minimise these effects, to continually drive the business forward for a more sustainable future.

Therefore, The Cliff Hotel & Spa undertakes that it will:

  • Ensure through the training of all employees at all levels that they are aware of the potential environmental effects of their activities and the benefits of improved environmental performance.
  • Communicate this environmental policy amongst all employees.
  • Make this policy statement available to all interested parties upon request.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation as a minimum standard.
  • Ensure we review on a regular basis our efforts in minimising damage to the environment through all departments and activities within the business.

Take all measures that are reasonably practicable to:

  • Reduce waste at source.
  • Re-use waste components where it is safe and practicable to do so.
  • Recover/recycle those fractions of the waste stream where an outlet is available; and dispose of final wastes by the most environmentally suitable means.
  • Adopt the practice of responsible energy management through reduced consumption and the encouragement of energy efficiency throughout the business.
  • Encourage the use of public transport; provide facilities for the disabled, pedestrians and cyclists; and aim for continuous improvement.

Our current actions are:

  • We reduce our impact on the local water infrastructure by sourcing our water from our own well.
  • We have 3 biomass boilers to reduce our carbon dioxide footprint.
  • Energy efficient and long-life LED lights throughout the hotel wherever possible.
  • Dual flush toilet system to save water.
  • PIR (passive infrared) sensors throughout the hotel wherever possible which automatically turn off unnecessary lighting.
  • Towel re-use programme.
  • Electric car chargers.
  • Local suppliers wherever possible.
  • Waste compacting facilities are used where possible to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Recycling throughout the hotel.
  • Macerator to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Paper straws on our bars.
  • Biodegradable cups in the Spa.

This policy statement will be reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains applicable to the running of the Hotel and any agreements made between the Hotel and its stakeholders.